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Aug. 1st, 2006 | 08:23 pm

Man, and I thought that his passive mood in Stage 15 and 16 of the Tour De France was dumb--but doping--on stage 17?!

Where it was said of him that he, 'had done what no man had done in the Tour De France'--truly if he was doping then the statement is much more condemning than praise.

UCI says that the testosterone was exogenous, so they say...which if it is then Floyd Landis will be the first person in the history of the Tour De France to be stripped of the title.

Doping under no circumstances is acceptable--doesn't matter what the reason is for having done so.

As a Cyclist myself I say it is better to have finished the stage and not won then to have won the stage and the Tour by doping and then to be placed lower than lowest than one can go because he has no won the Tour.

But because nothing has yet been, as they say, conculsive I will then say that I wil wait till Saturday when it shall be conculsive. I am not in a position to judge neither do I have credebility.

Therefore if he has doped then he has commited an idiocy yet if he has not then must the UCI publish his vindication in the same manner as they have now blemished his name.

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