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Oct. 19th, 2015 | 12:07 am

I've always loved print. I used to walk everyday (or at least try to) to buy the newspaper after school.

My parents would take me every Saturday to Crown Books so I could spend my allowance. When my mother went grocery shopping I would coax her to buy comics (Archie/Jughead, Sonic). I'd ask relatives to buy me books for my birthday.

When a door salesman came to our house selling Encyclopaedia Britiannica I begged my father to purchase them for me.

Recently I sought to buy an e-reader. A Kindle perhaps or a Kobo. I'm still thinking about...

Books--print are vaulable. I was just recently gifted a Funk and Wagnalls encyclopedia. I had so desired to obtain it. I wanted to read it.

As an adult I have enjoyed going to used bookstores, thirft stores and flea markets to purchase books.

I can't do that with an e-book of any format. No matter how crisp or lightweight the e-reader may be.

I always get a thrill when I find a book like Brad Meltzer's "The President's Shadow" that came out June 2015 in a thirft shop for $3.00! Unscathed--pristine.

I'm eccentric. What can I say.

It's splendid. If people get tired of books. Just send them my way. I'll take them.

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