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Jul. 26th, 2009 | 02:02 pm

I've been mostly using two flavors of Linux since my laptop charger gave way almost 3 months ago on a desktop PC: Crunchbang Linux & Ubuntu. Although I don't have consistent access to the PC, hence one of the reasons of my lack of internet participation, I've managed to gain some significant time on Linux--more so than before.

I've been doing some temp work with a friend building a greenhouse--when the weather is cooperative and the pieces are available. Prior to that job I was hurriedly looking for a job a little less than two weeks before April 1st when I was furloughed from the airline. I managed to get another airline job as a Gate Agent, part-time however, but it offered me about 4 hours of work maybe 8 hours if I was lucky they told me. Not to mention the amount of hoops and paperwork I had to obtain, fill out and jump through before I got this part-time job plus classes followed by some tests followed by training and thereafter finally the job. Not to mention that only the training was paid. I kept on looking for something else.

Anyways my charger stopped charging and pretty soon I was left without a laptop. My iMac Bondi G3 I have lent it so that wasn't an option. All that I had was a 3 1/2 old PC...that is at my parent's house. Seeing that this computer isn't exclusive to me and used by my family it's pretty hard to get on. Not to mention it's a trek to go use it.

So thus my internet logins have decreased.

Now seeing that July is the month of the Tour De France...time has been dedicated to watching it--although I can't say that I've watched it intently, at least every stage as I have in years past.

I've gone on some extended outings to the middle of nowhere, been looking for a job, been attending family birthdays, etc. I've had enough and not the means whereby to be on the internet.

When I am it's to read 400 to 600 sometimes more items in Google Reader--Watch a film, something on Hulu and that's that.

On top of all I haven't had the urge, or the inspiration to be online. So it makes for extended absence.

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