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'Clear' The Way--Give Them Your Iris and $100 per Year

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Apr. 19th, 2007 | 07:22 am

Your Iris and $100 per year (if it doesn't go up) will make you, "...pass through security faster, with more predictability and less hassle."


$100 a year, if it doesn't go up, and giving my Iris over isn't a hassle--isn't getting this card just a hassle?

Hmm, you know what gets me? The last part of this...

"You can use your Clear card at all US registered traveler airports at no additional cost."

Wow at 'no additional cost', eh? Wow, what was this card for--oh, yeah to go through airport security lines faster...right...

"You'll enjoy a designated security lane with special benefits."

...'special benefits'? They don't go into what that means--let's see, so you have the card--you pay $100 a year--they have your iris...oh, I see you get volunteered for genetic testing that's it...

"You'll be helped by our attendants and concierges as you go through the Clear lane."

Wait so there's 3 lanes?

There's the one with the actual carrier, the security lane with 'special benefits', the clear lane, and then the lane to get on the plane?

That's a lot of lanes--and you're paying them to make you go to these lines--a $100 a year so now instead of waiting you are now paying to wait. Wow...I have seen the future lol :-P

Okay so let's look at how more ridiculous this is...

Okay so this was supposed to be less of a hassle?

"...we do not believe the process and the questions stop there."

So after paying $100 giving them an iris--filling an application, getting a 'basic security threat assessment', whatever that is..."the process and the questions" don't stop there?

"...we do not believe the process and the questions stop there."

Uh-huh, and this is supposed to be less of a hassle?

"...a way that confronted privacy issues head on and embraced uncompromising dedication to privacy protection"


Who edited this?

That's like saying, "I shot someone but I needed a silencer so let's kill someone else and this time I will get it right..."


Not the same thing but the principle is the same--I'm going to give someone--heh, not someone, a corporation something of my privacy to get privacy protection? That's messed up.

Um, yeah...it gets much more wordier after that.

Drudge called it first on his radio show...anyways, the next one is going to be DNA...

My only question is what's going to happen if they get a 'Clear' member with not so 'clear' intention?

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