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Being Complacent Makes an Accomplice to Terrorism

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Nov. 20th, 2006 | 11:24 am


Yeah, basically if you're being complacent that makes you an accomplice for terrorism--seriously...being complacent makes you a terrorist.

In the article by Shankar Vedantam entitled: "Repeated Warnings Have Diminishing Returns" on Page A02 of Monday's The Washington Post for November 20, 2006 relays how the brain responds to repeated things, in this case 'terror' warnings.

In the opening paragraph of the article it reads:

"The billboard in the Metro station was dramatic. It showed a man immersed in reading a newspaper while a blue backpack sat unattended on the ground several feet behind him. The caption read, 'Terrorism is the threat, complacency is the accomplice.'"


Let's try audacious--ludicrous.

"Terrorism is the threat, complacency is the accomplice."

The caption is implying that if you are complacent that you, then become an accomplice to terrorism--which in fact then makes you a terrorist...

That's a serious charge--This makes the Patriot Act even more detestable than it already is because in the light of that caption you can be charged and labeled as a Domestic Terrorist under Sec. 802 b, Sec. 808 and maybe Sec. 1993 a7 and subject to Sec. 811--seriously--they're all worded very strangely--a play on words it seems.

I don't exactly know who made up that caption--but if people in Government think that--believe that, which they may, that serious trouble for all of us--but that's not to say that we're not already in serious trouble...

...Being Complacent Makes an Accomplice to Terrorism, the caption implies.

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