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Landis Doping pt 4

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Nov. 15th, 2006 | 12:21 pm


Hold the presses--there was, er, an 'adminstrative error' made by Chatenay-Malabry laboratory that gave the test results for Floyd Landis' sample B which was and is still the evidence being used for him doping and not being considered the Tour De France winner.

What is an 'adminstrative error'?

Well an 'adminstrative error' may be the 'faulty' thing that was mentioned by Landis' legal team.

So Landis' sample number was 995,474 and they tested sample number: 994,474--so whose sample B came out positive as well?

That means there is another person doping in the Tour De France--doesn't mean that Landis might be off the hook--yet...

It's only logical to assume so.

For the B samples are taken to re-enforce the A samples--so if 994,474's sample tested positive then 994,474 should also be investigated as well.

They said this was sloppy work done by the lab--okay so it might be--but I'll tell you that this whole 'doping' thing is going to get sloppy...

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