March 15th, 2016

I'm Done with Feedly...?

Ever since Google Reader gave up the ghost I've been using feedly.

Since I've been using Linux on the chromebook I've been using QuiteRSS for my feeds. I've been missing a lot.

Yet I keep getting drawn back to feedly. Madonn.
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    Maggie's Farm ~ Bob Dylan


Icing my shoulder has become my friend these last couple of months since my shoulder surgery. Prior it alleviated my soreness albeit whilst having the ice.

I just finished icing my shoulder. I still have soreness and aches...I guess I could call it. It's not pain per se and nowhere near what I had before but its very annoying.

The other day I slept on my left side for the first time in five months, if I am not mistaken. It felt amazing to do so, I slept so well. I felt fine till I woke up and my shoulder and outlying extremities were all weird.

I am beginning to use my shoulder more but I am still wary of using it. 
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I have to move again. The ills of renting are come nigh to me. Madonn. I want to get a house and I have one in mind. I wish I could get a Rocket Loan like Quicken Mortgage says.

On that note--ugh, mortgage: French for death pledge. This is what happens when you've studied languages. Words mean a whole lot more.

I wish I could buy it outright.

Can't wait to sell a property to be able to do that.

Come on Hashem.